Sturbridge Lyme Awareness of MA

​"Tog​ether we can make a difference"


Here​​ are some organizations with good online information so you can learn more.(PR) = Physician Referral links.


Central Mass Lyme Foundation -
www.centralmasslyme.org- 1-888-511-LYME

Dr. E. Murakami Center For Lyme- http://www.murakamicentreforlyme.org/Home.htm

Bay Area Lyme Foundation - www.bayarealyme.org

Global Lyme Alliance (Research and Education)- http://globallymealliance.org/

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society - www.ILADS.org​​(PR)

Lymeticks.org - Entire Health and Wellness Center, Mashpee MA  http://www.entirehealth.org/

Columbia Lyme and Tick Borne Disease Research Center - www.Columbia-Lyme.org

Lyme Disease Association - www.lymediseaseassociation.org(PR)

Tick Encounter Resource Center - www.tickencounter.org

Massachusetts Lyme Coalition (Legislative Advocacy) - ​​LymeCoalition@gmail.com on Twitter @LymeCoalition

​​Tick Testing

 Financial Assistance Links

Tips for applying for disability - Applying for disability

 Lyme Light  Foundation - Grants for treatment costs for children​. www.lymelightfoundation.org

 L.E.A.P. Financial Assistance Program- http://www.leaparizona.com/financialassistance.htm

 LymeAid4Kids - http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org/index.php/resources/lymeaid-4-kids


 NeedyMeds - www.needymeds.org

 Clinic of Angels - www.clinicofangels.org

 Prescription Hope - www.Prescriptionhope.com

 Childrens Lyme Network - www.childrenslymenetwork.com

 Good site lots of links to check out! - http://lyme.kaiserpapers.org/financial-assistance.html
 Lymetap Patient Assistance Program - ​http://www.lymetap.com/


 ​Online Support​​

 Legislative Documents

  ​​IDSA anti-trust violations-

  MA Lyme Commission Final Report with recommendations-
  ​​https://malegislature.gov/Content/Documents/Committees/H46/LymeDiseaseCommissionFinalReport-2013-02-28.pdf   ​​

  MA Declares a "Crisis"​​-