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​​Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms can vary from person to person. Seek professional help for proper testing and treatment from a physician who specializes in tick-borne diseases sometimes known at Lyme Literate (LLMD).​​  Lyme is considered "the great imitator"  and can mimic symptoms of other diseases often resulting in misdiagnosis.   Currently available Elisa and Western Blot tests often miss early Lyme disease.    Lack of physician education and denial of Chronic Lyme disease is ongoing and contributes patients being denied necessary care.    Learn the facts and advocate for your health!

- ​​Fever, extreme fatigue
- Headache that doesn’t go away with treatment
- Crunchy or stiff neck
- Migrating joint/muscle pains
- Forgetting things
- Brain fog, Neurological issues
- Cognitive issues, trouble finding words, getting lost
- Paralysis of face or limbs
- Digestive issues
- Thyroid disorder​
- Learning difficulties

- Psychological issues/change in personality
- MS, ALS or Fibromyalgia diagnosis
- Hearing loss, ringing in the ears
- Unexplained body rashes
- ​​​Enlarged lymph nodes
- Anxiety, depression​
- Seizures​

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