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​​Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms can vary from person to person. Seek professional help for proper testing and treatment from a physician who specializes in tick-borne diseases sometimes known at Lyme Literate (LLMD).​​  Lyme is considered "the great imitator"  often resulting in misdiagnosis due to inadequate testing and lack of physician education.    Learn the facts and advocate for your health.

- ​​Fever, extreme fatigue
- Headache that doesn’t go away with treatment
- Crunchy or stiff neck
- Migrating joint/muscle pains
- Forgetting things
- Brain fog, Neurological issues
- Cognitive issues, trouble finding words, getting lost
- Paralysis of face or limbs
- Digestive issues
- Thyroid disorder​
- Learning difficulties

- Psychological issues/change in personality
- MS, ALS or Fibromyalgia diagnosis
- Hearing loss, ringing in the ears
- Unexplained body rashes
- ​​​Enlarged lymph nodes
- Anxiety, depression​
- Seizures​

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